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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Time tracking android app for freelancers

Question is: What do you use for time tracking when you work on your projects and charge by hourly rate?

My answer is - Time Machine work time tracking app for android. It's easy and simple, and it satisfy all my need's as freelance designer.

 I've tried other similar apps, and was troubled with their complicated interface, need for some kind of online account, or in some cases, lack of features.
I don't need all of that. With Time Machine all you need is to press start button, and you're ready to go. Later you can organize your tasks and projects if you want, but when you finish your work, it's enough just to save your time and close application.

Time Machine timesheet application for android, beside time tracking has also some usefull features, like:

- Simple,elegant interface
- Projects, Clients and Tasks management
- Deadline reminders and project expiring notifications
- Earnings calculation (based on hourly rate) in selected currency
- Ability to manually edit work time
- Database Backup and restore (just to be sure your work wont be lost :)
- Export data to CSV (edit later on your computer)
- Daily, weekly and monthly stats
- Support for tablet devices

Check the homepage of the Time Machine Android App